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...."I cant stop thinking about you"

smile at me and i will stay.. cry and I will go away ...

Tim and Lyla
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Welcome to timxlyla a community devoted to the passionate and unexpected relationship between Lyla Garrityand Tim Rigginsof Friday Night Lights.

I know that this is a very small fan base as of right now so if you dont know who Tim and Lyla are take a look around and am sure you will be just as hooked on this ship just as much as we are.


1. You must be a fan of the Ship Tyla... Tim and Lyla. But thats a given right?

2. Absolutely NO bashing is allowed about the Tyla fandom in this community. If you are caught bashing the characters you will be permanently banned. You love these characters and ship right so there shouldnt be any problem with this.

3. This LJ will be open to fics, fanvids, manips, icons, spoilers and discussion that is all Tim and Lyla related. A specific entry will be made prior to each new episode for discussion purposes.

4. Cut-Tags Are very important so please be courteous to those who are trying to stay spoiler-free. Post all spoilers behind cut-tags. All fanfics and pictures should be posted behind cut-tags as well.

5. This community is open membership, do not abuse this or it will be closed to open members.

Most importantly post, discuss keep this community alive. It is what you make it right?

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